Karmakology® & Karma Korner®

KARMA- “ that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect ” 

KOLOGY- “ scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environments”

       Body, mind, and spirit are all connected. Integration of body, mind & spirit blends the physical, energetic, and emotional processes.  Each time there’s a change at one level, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire system. The body, mind, and spirit are one system.  Our thoughts & emotions play a significant role in creating the quality of our spiritual & physical lives. 

“I think, therefore I am.” – René Descartes, the 17th c. philosopher

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    In the past professional Artists were always told by management to "stick to the music"! Well that is no more in the world of multifaceted creatives and issues we're facing daily now. Would you have told DaVinci to stick to painting? I think not!  

   I imagine he and other creatives, inventors, scientists would've told US (and are telling us now)  that everything is connected! Everything we do, think, and say affects everything else we do, think, and say.

   Everyone now knows that each of us is more than our day job. We all have many gifts to share with the world to make this a better age, A Better Place to be! Had to slip that in there. See my Music page!

    After decades of being a "Jack of all trades" and a master of just a few, we can all now feel free to combine the other parts of our Selves and learn from each other how to live a better quality of life starting right now.

   Stay tuned to this page for news, articles and thoughts about how to remain healthy and balanced.  This is NOT just for Creatives but also as a part of being a global citizen of planet earth.

   Here is a link to my external Body, Mind, Spirit, “ Karmakology ” Blog https://karmakology.wordpress.com  I began years ago.  Stay tuned!

Karma Korner® (click on the video)

      Click on the " Watch on Youtube "  video links below. They'll take you directly to Youtube to hear Karma Korner® episodes from my former radio show  " ALL in ALL®" 106.3  FM radio Rochester Free Radio , in Rochester,NY.  " All in All® " was a radio show that covered music, politics, science, metaphysics, interviews, health & wellness .  Karma Korner® in the second half of the show, focused on metaphysics, science, mental & physical health. The goal was and still is to share information and to learn about ourselves. In Karma Korner®  I give you the tools for self-empowerment, self healing, inspiration and more so that we can all take care of ourselves, each other and live a better quality of life!

   This page is brand spankin' new and I have well over 200 Karma Korner® episode links to upload. So I appreciate your patience as I work on that. Wishing you Health, Happiness, and Abundance Always,

Love, Deborah

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Earth Day 2024 – Earthing! 

Have you ever heard of ” earthing”?

Have you ever walked barefoot on the ground, in grass, dirt, on the rocks or sand? Those are example’s of “earthing”. When I was young and even to this day, I prefer walking barefoot, inside & outside. As a preteen & teenager I used to forget my sandals in the summer time after leaving the dojo, driving all the way home barefoot only to realize what I’d done as I walked in to my house.

Walking barefoot always made me feel good. For the same reason I…

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Your Life Has A Purpose! 

Your life has a purpose!


What is it that brings YOU (& others by example) joy, & makes the hours pass unnoticed (besides sleeping ) ?

It feels like magic, but it’s science! Everything is energy, even our thoughts and “ where thoughts go energy flows”. #thoughtsarethings

You attract what you’re thinking about! Remember that wise old saying “Be careful what you ask for” ?

Each day we let our mind run rampant, mostly with worry & other stressful thoughts and totally useless distractions. Then we wonder why ”…

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Today I Will Be Happy 

A few simple ways to create some positive habits that can change your life better!

Before you get out of bed everyday:

Maintain an Attitude of Appreciation for at least 17 secs.  Find a thought that makes you feel appreciative.

Work your way up to 68 seconds each day.

  1. Build on that thought daily.  Each day work on making that appreciation last longer.
  2. Add thoughts about other things you appreciate.
  3. Avoid things / people/ thoughts that distract you from your appreciation .
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Happy New Year 2023! What I Learned About Being Self-ish in 2022 

Since 2016 the energies, planets, Universe have all lined up to bring us the “Age of the Malignant Narcissist “. They came out of the wood work following a leader who was the embodiment of it. They had a support team hungry with power. Their sole purpose was to destroy safeguards, rules and laws to enrich themselves no matter what harm they caused to others. It had been building for a few decades. Selfishness beyond belief.

MALIGNANT = definition, adjective , disposed to cause harm, suffering, or…

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Itchy Dry Winter Skin ? 

UPDATE: Its now Dec 31, 2019. I promised an update on my water and food theory as the Winter progressed.  SO far its working… WHEN I stick to drinking LOTS of water. My rash is staying under control (2nd skin photo below 1st skin photo) as long as I pay attention, eat less salt & sugar, eat more fruits & veggies, eliminate caffeine, get adequate rest, and drink LOTS more water. When I’m eating unconsciously I’m also constantly thirsty .  SO greatly increasing water intake and eating mindfully IS working in…

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It’s the FEELINGS That Really “Matter” When Manifesting 

Its really about what you’re feeling ! Those of Us working on manifesting/creating a better quality of Life have already been spending lots of time with being aware of our thoughts , and our words, trying to do & say more positive things, looking for solutions instead of stressing about the problem.  These things really truly matter to our well being. However, what matters even more when trying to create “matter” and bring/manifest good things and good people in to our lives is the “feeling” behind the…

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“ 5 Things YOU CAN DO Right NOW to Stay Balanced & Calm During Stressful Times “ 


      Things have gotten bit crazy lately.  Not just our daily lives, bills to pay, challenges to confront, adulting in general, but the general state of our world, our politics, climate change to name just a few things, changing lives across the globe.  Things are happening on such a connected global level , especially among some very bad world leaders committing human rights violations, &  inciting violence using a megaphone, that we can’t help but be affected as we watch uncertainty, tempers &amp…

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Happy New Year ! 

Happy New Year !

May You Create many New & Wonderful Beginnings

in 2019 & beyond!

Berries, Fruits & Veggies excellent for Your Health & Well Being 

I’ve been talking about fruits & veggies for decades now. Being a severe ulcerative colitis survivor I had to learn about nutrition in my twenties.  Uggh! It was a drag but it was life or death, not an option. During the healing process I had to eat some processed food because it was gentler on my colon. I did have just a few , but very limited healthier options at that time. However, after some self-administered mental behavior modification, and learning how to control my stress & thoughts, I was once…

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