Your Life Has A Purpose!

Your life has a purpose!


What is it that brings YOU (& others by example) joy, & makes the hours pass unnoticed (besides sleeping 😂) ?

It feels like magic, but it’s science! Everything is energy, even our thoughts and “ where thoughts go energy flows”. #thoughtsarethings

You attract what you’re thinking about! Remember that wise old saying “Be careful what you ask for” ?

Each day we let our mind run rampant, mostly with worry & other stressful thoughts and totally useless distractions. Then we wonder why ” everything bad seems to be happening to ME”.  It's because we're not taking charge of our own lives. Take charge right now by being mindful & switching those negative thoughts ASAP. It’s work but it’s so worth it! I’ve been there, I’ve done it, it works, it literally saved my life and eliminated my suffering from severe ulcerative colitis!

  1. Each day meditate & focus on what  you want or need in the most passionate, positive way possible. Use all of your senses & see it in your mind as if it were already happening.
  2. Daily feel satisfaction in all that you do & have. Practice an attitude of appreciation!
  3. Daily do even one small physical action towards your desire or goal.
  4. Expect it’s coming, without a doubt. Feel it!
  6. Watch the #magic start to happen in small or large ways! 💜

Watch your energy increase & your body start to heal. Watch positive situations & good people with good intentions come in to your life. Watch the magic happen!



Deborah 💜

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