Today I Will Be Happy

A few simple ways to create some positive habits that can change your life better!

Before you get out of bed everyday:

    Maintain an Attitude of Appreciation for at least 17 secs.  Find a thought that makes you feel appreciative.

    Work your way up to 68 seconds each day.

    1. Build on that thought daily.  Each day work on making that appreciation last longer.
    2. Add thoughts about other things you appreciate.
    3. Avoid things / people/ thoughts that distract you from your appreciation .
    4. Create a list of positive aspects about your work or what you want. 
    5. Create a list of positive aspects about your life in general.
    6. Eventually make a goal of staying in appreciation longer everyday and watch as good things happen more and more often. 

    Get to 68 seconds for maximum effect. 

    Happy manifesting!!

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