Here is the last of the 2020 My Gift to You, Holiday Music Videos with a Thank You message at the end !

THANK YOU so much for Your support, & Friendships throughout the year & for my hardworking Music Students, Kudos !! 

This is my performance from the STar EVents UK cystic fibrosis benefit that was broadcast out of England last Sunday. 

I’m looking forward to new music in 2021 and a brighter future for our country & the world. 


One Love 

Santa CLaus Santa Claus 

Over The Rainbow 

Happy Christmas (War is Over) 

Wishing You Many Blessings, much Love & Peace throughout this Holiday Season in the New Year & Always ! Keep on Rockin’ ! 


Deborah, Mark & Nevasse 

Wishing You Health & Happiness in 2021

SO much Holiday Music , so little time ! 

Now that I have my audio together I'll be posting more music, especially in the New Year ! 

One of my favorite Holiday songs to cover, "Here Is Christmas" written by Ann Wilson & Nancy Wilson ( Heart) & Richie Zito 

Wishing You a Healthy & Happy New Year 2021 ! 

#HeartTheBand #MondayMusicMemories #MondayMusic 

#holidaymusic #Rock

“ If you have a soft spot for pretty women wielding a Les Paul guitar cranking out high-voltage riffs that give you an instant rush,  than you can add Deborah Magone’s Alternate Realities to your playlist. Magone wastes no time in announcing her entrance in  to the blues rock world. ”   

 Gary Weeks “Blues Blast Magazine”

New Release ! "You're The One"

Power House Industry Trio Collaborates to Create A Sexy New Dance Song !

Deborah dips her toes in to the Dance/Pop world.

HERE IT IS, Wohoo! It's a new genre and a new journey for me from Rock to Blues Rock and now Dance / Pop / Electronic and lovin' every minute of it ! 

" YOU'RE THE ONE " is a song about finally finding that perfect fit, the perfect one.  Sometimes we find them early in life and sometimes later.  Whenever it occurs the feeling is always the same, pure Joy & fresh excitement! That's exactly how you'll feel listening to this song. Add me to Your Spotify Playlist & let me know Your thoughts on my new genre journey!

See the full LYRIC VIDEO below ! 

Peace, Light & Love !      


KUDOS & Gratitude to the awesome writing & Production team! 
Lyrics: Audrey Martells &  Mike Greenly (multiple #1 Billboard charting lyricist)                                

Music:  Scott Williamson  Dub Shine 

Engineering/Mixing/Mastering: Sam Polizzi

In honor of #StayAtHome 

"One World"  

written by Deborah

" I get CD's from many major blues labels on a regular basis. Also Americana artists. ..... Alternate Realities ROCKS & the acoustic tunes are soulful & pretty. ..... the best CD I have received in a long, long time. " ”

— Alan Levin "Brother Wease" Radio 95.1FM iHeartMedia

"One Love" - let the #Healing begin

  MY FAVorite anthem song " AMERICA The BEAUTIFUL " was once considered for the US national anthem. I was inspired to create this video the week before 4th of July 2020.  America was spiraling in to despair during the Covid pandemic of 2020 with no national leadership, protests in the streets, hundreds of thousands of Americans sick & dying horrific, lonely deaths leaving millions of family members behind, tens of millions unemployed, small businesses closing their doors forever. 

      Performing this song & creating this video was therapy for me. I hope it might be that for You as well. " The lyrics were written by Katharine Lee Bates, and the music was composed by church organist and choirmaster Samuel A. Ward . The two never met. First published in 1910 and titled "America the Beautiful". The song is one of the most popular of the many U.S. patriotic songs. " - Wikipedia

Alternate Realities

Deborah Magone

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