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UPDATE: Its now Dec 31, 2019. I promised an update on my water and food theory as the Winter progressed.  SO far its working… WHEN I stick to drinking LOTS of water. My rash is staying under control (2nd skin photo below 1st skin photo) as long as I pay attention, eat less salt & sugar, eat more fruits & veggies, eliminate caffeine, get adequate rest, and drink LOTS more water. When I’m eating unconsciously I’m also constantly thirsty .  SO greatly increasing water intake and eating mindfully IS working in a huge way. Now You also know why WATER is such a big commodity and everyone is trying to cash in. Its because we can’t live without it. It’s necessary for good health, & LIFE “period”.

The crazy thing is that our skin is like a barometer for everything that goes in to our pie holes ! I noticed when I went 2 days around Thanksgiving eating what I wanted and not paying attention to food or water intake, after 2 days my skin became visibly drier, flakier & itchier.  Scratching my face right off was a constant thought! Resuming healthier food & water  intake calmed it down noticeably. Same experience around Xmas as Thanksgiving, the 2 holidays where there’s the most stress &  I allow myself to wing it nutritionally. Read what science says:

Your skin IS a barometer !

SO, following some suggestions for food and skin care in my previous post below will hopefully be helpful to You in future Winter weather. There ya have it! Stay hydrated and have a Healthy, Happy, Hydrated, and Abundant New Year ! – Love, Deborah

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For the last 3 -4yrs Winter effects my skin almost the instant temperatures drop to the 30’s (Fahrenheit in the U.S. still)  I have patches only on my face, that start with pink, which can turn to red, dry, scaly, cracking, and itchy.   I’ve tried numerous natural remedies which have soothed my skin, but none have eliminated this phenomena that just appeared suddenly in my late 50’s except for one so far.

This photo below is the closest example I could find online that resembles my rash at its worst only mine was much more red and would crack & bleed. Last winter it covered the left side of my face almost entirely.


This is what my rash site looks like right now after extra water intake, humidifier, coconut oil, winter omega foods. Much improved since 2 weeks ago. I have 3 very sml areas, one on my forehead , the other very small on my right cheek, and this site on the right side of my chin.


It seems that dehydration is at the root of the issue. Stress which depletes vitamins and minerals in our body can also attribute.  I’ve always paid close attention to my diet and usually drink plenty of water and water filled foods veggies,  fruits, fish.  However, it appears that the older we get some of our bodies may need even more water.

Some elders may never experience an itchy rash, but may end up in hospital with dizziness and a urinary tract infection, or other ailments due to dehydration.  This was the case with my Dad. As soon as they plugged in the intravenous fluids I could literally watch within minutes as his skin plumped up from sallow, dry, and wrinkled to a smooth, healthy pinkish glow.

SO, You must drink lots of plain clean water!  I now drink more water than I ever thought I needed. This winter in particular I notice I’m actually feeling more thirsty than I’ve ever felt before.  Weird , but drinking more water than usual seems to be helping the rash stay small and pink vs itchy, red and flaking & cracking.

     Use a humidifier when you are indoors, especially during the winter. Cold winter air is irritating to the skin and heaters in our homes and offices dry the air and our bodies as well. Adding moisture back into the environment with a humidifier could help. Taking hot showers often in the winter can actually make the problem worse. Showering with warm water is fine but hot water can irritate your skin.  Afterwards, pat (don’t rub) your skin with your towel.  Leave some moisture on your skin and use your fav organic moisturizer.

I keep a small spray bottle of water infused with favorite essential oils handy to spray my skin a few times a day and apply organic coconut oil over that to help lock in the moisture. I also now keep a carafe and glass of water on my night table next to a small humidifier.

Nutrition is another area that’s totally related. Sugar, salt & caffeine are a few food & drink ingredients that can dehydrate us instantly. If you can’t cut down or stop, at least drink a large glass of water each time you indulge in these things. Of course cutting down is best.  Eating foods with healthy omega 3 fats helps winter skin too! Salmon, avocados, nuts, sweet potato, veggie soups with clear broth etc. Google for more winter food menu ideas. Six foods that can dehydrate you.

If you have eczema or another skin condition diagnosed by your health care provider, talk to them about the appropriate treatment for you.

If you have tried all of these remedies and still don’t have relief, talk to your healthcare provider. There could be a different cause or treatment for the problem that you aren’t aware of. Although the itchy skin is rarely serious, allergies or damage from scratching can lead to infections that could be serious. Be sure to seek treatment if you notice pain, redness, swelling or develop a fever.

This is the 4th yr of my recurring winter rash but the first year that I’m doubling my water intake on top of all the above mentioned things I’ve been doing for 3 yrs. So far the extra water has reduced inflammation & itching from a few weeks ago.  There’s also a possibility that stress is low right now. I’ll keep you posted as December passes.  The holidays always contain some stress. Hopefully, extra hydration & meditation will do the trick.

Be Well!


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Early Fall 2019 B.R. (before rash )

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