Berries, Fruits & Veggies excellent for Your Health & Well Being

I’ve been talking about fruits & veggies for decades now. Being a severe ulcerative colitis survivor I had to learn about nutrition in my twenties.  Uggh! It was a drag but it was life or death, not an option. During the healing process I had to eat some processed food because it was gentler on my colon. I did have just a few , but very limited healthier options at that time. However, after some self-administered mental behavior modification, and learning how to control my stress & thoughts, I was once again strong enough to get back to real food.

I found that the fruit and veggies just plain made me feel better, lighter, gave me so much more energy, and even kept my arteries & teeth cleaner!  Hello! I used to pick fruit off the trees in my yard as a kid! Then science & corporate profits tried and succeeded in getting my generation out of the garden and into the grocery store.

Now , finally, more and more mainstream articles are touting the health benefits of fruit and veggies, that our Grandmothers, and Mothers knew, but many in my generation had lost.

I’m sure you (and your dentist) notice the plaque in your teeth after eating processed pasta, breads and meats? Thats the plaque that clogs your arteries. Alzheimers is plaque on your brain. Americans eat too much meat , bread, and starchy foods. People who live in other countries where they do not eat so much white processed/ bleached sugar, & eat burgers & pizza, have much longer lifespans.

Here in America Alzheimers, obesity, and heart attacks are at an all time high.

Time to get back to the garden, back to real food, organic fruits & veggies so we can enjoy a better quality of life and look forward to some fun & independence in our elder years vs a diet of processed food that will more than likely put us in bad health & a nursing home.


Wishing You Peace, Abundance , & Good Health,



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