From ROC-hester,NY ,  Deborah Magone ( slide, acoustic, dobro, cigar box, & electric guitars, dobro) Vocalist, Writer, Producer, Actress, & Activist was  crowned Rochester , NY’s “ Queen of Blues Rock” by Freetime Entertainment Magazine in the early 2000's.

 Deborah grew up a child of '60's & early 70's, a powerful decade of Activism, Art, &  Musical creativity.  A time when artists passions were intensified to come together and express themselves to stop war, racism & to shine a light on LOVE for our all of our fellow human beings, & to think in a more global way.  Kind of like right now as we face the growth of dictators aggressions across the globe. Deborah's family fled WWII Italy, fought in the Korean War, and shared the horrors of war with her.  She grew up caring about the world and humanity, especially children, & unable to keep silent. 

Performing music in bars illegally since 17, Deborah has been an Art, Music, Karate & Meditation Instructor since she was 16-17 yrs young. 

 A onetime student of  Rochester, NY jazz guitar legend Richard “Dick” Longale ,and the only female member of his famous guitar “Wailing Wall”, over her career Deborah  has opened up for and/or jammed with some of the best between New York & California such as Lou Gramm, Eddie Money, Peter Frampton, Iron Butterfly, Talas, Dakota, Shooting Star, The Campbell Brothers, Tammy Diddley (daughter of Bo) , Grammy® winner Janice Marie Johnson ( A Taste of Honey), Chris & Joe Beard , Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix), & Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge) among others. She’s played in venues too numerous to list, from Canada in the north, to south, east and west,  from the Nashville Palace, to a six month gig at the House of Blues on the Disney lot in Anaheim, CA with 2 young kids in tow!

Deborah’s original music has received international exposure & radio airplay, stretching from the United States to Canada, Australia, France, Italy, the UK & Asia . 

 She now adds PositivePop/Dance/Electronic music to that list of passions!

"UP TO US is  the very first time collaborating on an album w/ some extremely talented tenacious creatives Mike Greenly four time #1 Billboard charting lyricist,  composer  Scott Williamson of Dub Shine, & Sam Polizzi amazing engineer, mixing & mastering of Soundnotion Studio that live thousands of miles apart !  Since literally surviving death by Severe Ulcerative Colitis as a young music professional, using my microphone, I’ve always wanted to help others prevent going thru what I did by talking about it & creating inspiring music.  I wanted something positive & global, an album to help heal & empower people during these incredibly challenging times. This new positive, collaborative, Dance Electronic ep " Up To Us " will do just that!

      I'm also honored to have been asked to be part of the newest collaboration in 2022, "ARISE TOGETHER" !  Another group of amazingly talented creatives produced by Grammy award winning producer Kevin Mackie and Rupam Sarma , promoting Peace, Inclusion, and Diversity, created for children by Children, bringing Children together through Music and Arts from Ukraine and around the world ! " - Deborah

“This girls got it!” - Eddie Money 

“ Deborah has command of the stage, very electrifying! ” – Ron Nevison - Producer  (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Heart) 

“...from bluesy barroom rock ‘n’ roller to grandiose chanteuse.... Magone’s dusky voice is still there, but I don’t remember her range being so stratospheric; she pegs the high notes effortlessly” - Frank DeBlase - CITY News 

" I get CD's from many major blues labels on a regular basis, also Americana artists. …..” Deborah’s “Alternate Realities “ rocks & the acoustic tunes are soulful & pretty. ..... the best CD I have received in a long, long time. "  - Brother Wease - 95.1FM The Brew, Clear Channel Radio, Rochester , Ntl Radio Hall of Fame



DEBORAH'S BIO (part 2 - extended)                                       ( Some more background and a bit more personal!)


Wife/MoM, Writer, Musician, Teacher, former FMRadio DJ, Reverend, Activist, IntuitiveReader, SAG/AFTRA Actress, NARAS, BMI / ASCAP, Owner Karmakology® and ROCMusic & Performance®, JoMama Music Publishing, 6th dan Okinawan Seidokan Instructor 45+yrs 

In this new era of  “Badass Womyn” Deborah Magone has been pretty badass since she was an 11 yr old kid in the early 1970's. That’s when she started her life long love of Okinawan karate, while at the same time teaching herself the guitar. 

Martial Arts & Music helped Deborah survive many childhood challenges, a broken home, which led to smoking & drinking addictions during pre-teen and teen years.  In her early 20’s her literal death & survival experience with Severe Ulcerative Colitis changed her life to one of conscious healthy choices body, mind, & spirit. 

“Expression through music has been a literal life saver for me. It was one of only a few safe and acceptable forms of emotional self-expression for girls in troubled times back then.  At the same time, I was fortunate enough to grow up in and be inspired by one of the most amazing, creative, activist, musical decades as a child of the ’60’s ” thanks to my older brothers album collection.

Deborah’s Mom, an Italian immigrant, influenced her courage as a Womyn and at the same time tried to  instill some traditional values, not all female friendly. Girls weren’t supposed to play the guitar!  So she would steal in to her brothers room when the house was empty, & taught herself a few chords and then searched out friends who taught her more in secret. 

   Deborah graduated high school at 15yrs young, National Honor Society, moved to college where her roommates convinced her to have her first public performance at an open mic at the then famous Red Creek in Rochester,NY. 

       Deborah eventually became a student of  Rochester, NY jazz guitar legend Richard “Dick” Longale ,and the only female member of his famous “Wailing Wall”. During that time she began her first small business as a guitar teacher . 

In her first original rock band “Wired” in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s Deborah became the first bad ass female rock musician to play Attica State Prison for the Holiday Project , who’s mission was to bring live music to those serving time during the holidays.    Wired quickly gained the attention of John Scher and Epic Records who said “…she has the potential to become “something really big” but needs a hit song. Tell her she needs to move to LA or NYC. “ 

       Upon moving to California in the early 1980’s she paid her rent by using her martial arts experience & becoming the first female/front door bouncer at the Hollywood Palace at Hollywood & Vine, while continuing to perform & record her music as well.

    While dealing with & healing from Severe Ulcerative Colitis, Deborah transitioned away from bouncing and opened Toma Karate Dojo in Santa Monica, CA teaching karate & meditation to literally thousands of students of all ages & genders. She continues teaching music & karate to this day. 

“ I feel so blessed to have been influenced by and to have worked with some of the most kick ass martial artists & creative musician / activists in history through out the decades.”    

Some of those early  influences in music are: 

Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Heart, The Temps, The 4 Tops, Aretha, Roberta Flack, Joan Baez, John Lennon, Rush, Zeppelin, Billie Holiday & more

And now from Rock to Funk to Blues, to Blues Rock Deborah is taking those influences in to a new genre this year. Dance/Pop and she’s never sounded better ! 

Deborah’s original music has received international exposure & airplay, stretching from the United States to Canada, Australia, France, Italy, the UK & Asia . Her very first royalty check came from Taiwan long ago. 

Last year Deborah took a short detour into a new collaboration & genre with 4 time  #1 Billboard charting lyricist Mike Greenly & composer Scott Williamson. Her  Dance/ Pop EP “ Up to Us “ is on sale now here on this site where you can support the Artists directly: 

and at this link in digital stores everywhere! 

This year its "ARISE TOGETHER" !  produced by Grammy award winning producer Kevin Mackie and Rupam Sarma , promoting Peace, Inclusion, and Diversity, featuring Arun Gandhi and children from war torn Ukraine and around the world !