It’s the FEELINGS That Really “Matter” When Manifesting


Its really about what you’re feeling ! Those of Us working on manifesting/creating a better quality of Life have already been spending lots of time with being aware of our thoughts , and our words, trying to do & say more positive things, looking for solutions instead of stressing about the problem.  These things really truly matter to our well being. However, what matters even more when trying to create “matter” and bring/manifest good things and good people in to our lives is the “feeling” behind the thoughts.

Thoughts & feelings are things that have an impact.  When we have negative stressful thoughts/ feelings they create a toxic physiological reaction inside our bodies that cause dis-ease. A reaction that some are never aware of until the next day we feel that stiff neck or stomach upset or acid reflux that evening.  Or even more dangerous yet, you almost have a fender bender (or worse) while driving your car, or almost cut off your finger while slicing that watermelon thinking about ” That  jerk!” , both which a few of us have actually done.

So,  that being said , You can be giving someone a civil compliment to keep the peace  while inside your thinking,  “What a jerk!”  creating a negative stressful response in your cells.

What A Jerk

If you can somehow bring yourself to be more understanding about why that person might be behaving like a jerk,  you would be softening the intense emotion associated with “THAT JERK!!”  and less harmful to yourself & others. Look for something more positive about the person or situation.  I know , not so easy when you’re in the thick of things. Start in small steps. Even if you have to take a breath & search  for a moment. Then put that more positive feeling behind your spoken words.

Ask any Actor.  The thought underneath the spoken words changes everything in relation to the energy you put forth with those words, for better or worse.

As a severe ulcerative colitis survivor, I learned that stress is the main cause of colitis.  One of the first “games” or exercises I gave myself to begin healing was the check mark game. I found it in a book called Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy.  I carried a pencil and a small pad of paper and created a checkmark each time I had a negative thought.  To my shock, at the end of the day, I had around 200 ! Most of us being very visual, it made a  huge impression seeing it on paper that way.

After that, for me , the next step was to begin canceling out those thoughts in the moment when they came, and replacing them with a more positive thought.  I also used distraction. I tried to watch more funny tv shows and movies and stay away from negative people & situations. Meanwhile, this is what the inside of my forehead looked like for quite a while.  Old habits die hard for some of us more stubborn folk.


Next step after getting used to looking for positive replacement words (i.e. ” I dislike ” instead of ” I hate” ) was to work on the FEELING behind the positive words.  I used what I call the bubble technique . Believing in the power of energy as I do, I began by mentally surrounding myself in a bubble of white light as a defensive protective maneuver.  White light in metaphysics (and for me) being the light of the divine, love, or positive universal energy that connects us all.


Then as my confidence grew , I mentally surrounded others in white light, before a meeting, before a show, at the start of my day, almost as if I were sending them positive energy or love in a very general way.  I didn’t have to think of or look for a specific reason to  like or “love” them.

At first I didn’t feel it but I kept practicing . Eventually, as I started seeing results.  My belief, confidence, and inner peace became stronger.  In conjunction with listening to my favorite Self-Healing self-hypnosis audio recording daily, my ability to feel more relaxed became stronger as well.  Our brains react to our thoughts real or imagined. My brain was rewiring , my stress levels were going down, my health was improving…. all from pretending to feel until it became real.

Another exercise was to simply force myself to SMILE more! Did you know that smiling can release chemicals in your brain to improve your mood? Something so simple you think, but something many of us don’t do enough of.  I started making a conscious effort in my mirror, even when I didn’t feel like it.  Then out and about with friends & family, students, kids, and strangers, the driver next to me at a stop light.  Funny thing, most would go from a frown to smiling back at me !  So I was able to affect their emotions as well.  Of course be careful of someone misinterpreting and following you home. 🙂


As I trained my thoughts to change, my old beliefs and behavior began to change.  Psychologists use the term Behavior Modification . Thats all it is.

Like anything else you want to master,  it takes daily practice.  I was so ill I had no other option. It was literally a life or death situation for me.

Some other ways to practice putting feelings behind your thoughts and words to give them that extra push toward creation/ manifesting would be to use your imagination and all your senses while :

  1. Meditating
  2. Acting
  3. Daydreaming
  4. Listening to Self-hypnosis audio recordings
  5. Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude

Daydream about your wishes and desires and really be there. Science now says its good for us!  Use all your senses and really feel it .  What does it feel like, sound like, look like, etc to have that desired person, thing, or good health in your life.  Use affirmations or mantras with feeling, that speak to you personally to help keep you focused.  This not about being out of touch with reality. Its about seeing reality in a more positive way.  Accentuating the positive , while minimizing the negative. Training ourselves to creatively look for solutions, not dwell on a problem as being unsolvable or the end of the world.


Its not magic, although it may feel like it at first.  Its science, but much more acceptable science now than when I started using these methods back in the early 1980’s THANK goodness !

To get you started, here are some positive emotions to think about and work towards.  Use them in your affirmations, daydreams, and meditation:

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