...from bluesy barroom rock ‘n’ roller to grandiose chanteuse.... Magone’s dusky voice is still there, but I don’t remember her range being so stratospheric; she pegs the high notes effortlessly. At moments, her vocal acrobatics are reminiscent of Mariah Carey. ” - Frank DeBlase

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    BRT aka "The Bonnie Raitt Tribute Band" is one of the most uncanny & authentic tributes to  the American songwriter, blues singer, guitarist, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy® award winner Bonnie Raitt you'll ever see & hear!

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DMB aka " The Deborah Magone Band " is a rock blues band that includes some of the best bluesy rock  from the 60's along with their own originals, otherwise referred to by Deborah as "RockandKickYourAssBlues®"  The band is in rehearsal & dates are TBA.


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"  I had a slot to fill for the 2023 Annual Wounded Warriors Benefit.  Deb said “Yes!” without hesitation. The highlights were the whole time she performed. Deb’s partner Michael Boyack, is also a gifted guitar player.

  They hit the ground running w/ some of the standard gritty blues tunes you'd expect, along w/ some of Deb's originals, like 'Queen Bee' & 'Clean Up Woman' that hold their own with the classics. 

    Deb & Mike are professional & comfortable onstage holding the audience's attention to keep them watching for the next guitar solo. Each wasted no time in tearing it up when it was their turn.  It was a great show. 

   Thanks again, Deb for sharing your time and talents."

- D. Rossi music coordinator for The Wounded Warrior Project benefit 2023


" Deborah Magone you are a mean blues guitar player!!!!! Thank you so much for your performance with us at The Conspiracy Theory Brewery. We were quite honored and enamored by your presence!!!! Hope to do this again someday !!!! Cheers!! " - Richard Gagnon (aka Rikki Stixx) Afraid of Grace -Ottawa, Canada

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At The " Nashville Palace" Nashville, Tennessee

Piece Of My Heart


Deborah performs Pink Floyds "Great Gig In The Sky"


" Queen Bee "

The Deborah Magone Band 2013

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