Dearest Dad…..


Dearest Dad,
For us here , Today is, and always will be, your Birthday/Reincarnation Day this lifetime. It's also the first one for Us, without You.
Thank You for being a Wonderful Dad, Mentor, Teacher, and all around Enlightened Human Being.
Thank You for sharing everything You had, always, with most everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or social status. You taught me perseverance , kindness,and unconditional Love. You showed me how to pick my battles, when to stand up and fight, and when to concede, with grace, and respect for my opponent, and with a smile.
You taught me to acknowledge good deeds no matter where, along with positive thinking, and to point out hypocrisy, and that anyone who doesn’t feel Love for all people is not spiritual. You taught me very young, that “whomever Your God may be, you don’t have to go to a church, you can talk to them wherever you Are”, and that “If you’re marrying someone to try and change them, well, just forget about it! You might as well not be married in the first place!” I know thats why my marriage has lasted.
You were a maverick, and ahead of your time, having lived more lifetimes than most, some of which I know we’ve shared before.
You Are Always and Forever My Father, My Friend and Teacher,
and I’m honored to have been Your Daughter this Lifetime..…..

Happy Birthday/Reincarnation Day Dad, We Miss You, however , we absolutely know that You’re here in Spirit !

Love ,
Deb ❤

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