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Deborah Magone

" Rock & Kick Your Ass Blues/Rock®"

  Born in Rochester,NY, a haven for blues, rock & jazz back in the day, Deborah has been described as "...a holistic spiritual gutbucket, organic blues Goddess, with a wonderfully playful stage presence.                                            

     Her voice is described as "Whimsical to walloping". An authentic powerhouse voice that ranges from soulful & pretty to raucous & rockin'. The only female member of Rochester guitar legend Dick Longale's Wailing Wall of guitar students, Deborah can play from sweet to vicious, acoustic or electric, slide, dobro or cigar box, or no slide.               

    She commands the stage with songs of substance that will resonate in the depths of your soul & leave You wanting more.

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Press / Reviews

Deborah’s slide attack can cut through a laser beam…. It’s the way Deborah sings the words that hits a bulls-eye in the soul, unleashing her pulverizing assault, a she-devil pouring her heart into both guitar playing & singing with a lust for grabbing the music by the throat & strangling it like it needs to be woken up! ” - John Bates

" Blues Blast Magazine " Australia

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