Welcome to My Newest Page!

More to come!

    In the past professional Artists were always told by management to "stick to the music"! Well that is no more in the world of multifaceted creatives and issues we're facing daily now. Would you have told DaVinci to stick to painting? I think not!  

   I imagine he and other creatives, inventors, scientists would've told US (and are telling us now)  that everything is connected! Everything we do, think, and say affects everything else we do, think, and say.

   Everyone now knows that each of us is more than our day job. We all have many gifts to share with the world to make this a better age, A Better Place to be! Had to slip that in there. See my Music page!

    After decades of being a "Jack of all trades" and a master of just a few, we can all now feel free to combine the other parts of our Selves and learn from each other how to live a better quality of life starting right now.

   Stay tuned to this page for news, articles and thoughts about how to remain healthy and balanced.  This is NOT just for Creatives but also as a part of being a global citizen of planet earth.

   Here is a link to my external Body, Mind, Spirit, Karmakology Blog I began years ago.  Stay tuned!